Little Tidbits

Well, I see it has been about 8 years since this was added to...
There have been a few changes!!
Maui Recording, has merged with Studio In The Clouds,
just outside of Telluride Colorado!

We are an SSL Duality Room, with tons of outboard gear,
and one of the nicest recording enviroments on the planet!!!
Wait untill you see the rooms!

We will be posting some cool pics, and telling you more of what is happening there soon. I still live on Maui (so it can be a long commute to work), with a nice Protools remote rig, and access to all kinds of things here. So call me anytime, to see how we can help you achieve your highest potential.

Aloha, It's beauitiful here in Lahaina. I run the old George Benson studio, the historic Lahaina Sound, which is now Maui Recording, with an updated build out of the old control's a great place to create and work....
or just hang......
I'm using ProTools HD3 Accel 7.4.2 and the API 500 series eqs and compressors modeled by Waves... still with 40 plus channels of Class A mic pre's in front and lots of other goodies, in 5.1 surround with JBL LSR THX stuff, and a Lexicon 960L.....

Following are some different memorible moments in my days, that I got a chance to write down...of course the most recent is what you're reading first...and unfortunately, everything doesn't make it to this page...

Just got back from the Grammys. So much fun! We didn't win, but it was fabulous show with an unbelievable amount of talent. I also mixed a Mick Fleetwood Blues Band show at the Hollywood House Of Blues, and of course the band just ripped! The next day I went for a great hang, and visited Denny Diante in his session, at Conway Studios. It's an incredible facility and I met some great cats!

New Years Eve this year was another smash success, mixing for the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band at Shep Gordon's NYE party, at Mala's in Wailea. Guest musicians this year were John Mayall, Alice Cooper, Eric Gilliom, and Gretchen Rhodes.

The companion DVD to the Grammy Nominated CD "Blue Again" was just released in the USA... check it out...a very nice show recorded in a wonderful classic hall, in Canterbury, Kent, UK, then remixed and mastered at my place here on Maui.

Willie Nelson was in again, doing some guitars and vocals on a duet for another artist...keeping that a secret for now, but it's originally one of his songs, being re-done in a very nice fashion! Cant wait till you all hear it.

Congratulations to Mick Fleetwood, Rick Vito, Lenny Castillenos, and Mark Johnstone, for their Grammy Nomination...Best Traditional Blues Album! It was a live recording of their first show, which was recorded at the historic Sheldon Music Hall, in Missouri, then remixed here by Dennis Mays and myself...and later mastered by me.

I can't believe how long it's been since I've added to this. I'm in with Mick again, working on an Island Rumors Band project, while he's home on break from the Fleetwood Mac Tour. I also got a chance to go out and mix several live shows for Island Rumors and The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band....was great some spring and summer fun with my friends!

Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom was in a while back singing duets with Willie Nelson and Keali'i Reichel for her upcoming CD...a great project you can be sure!

George Kahumoku did a nice record here...16 songs...produced by Kenichi Takahashi, who came from Japan for the project. George went Japan to play shows, promoting that CD.

Eric Gilliom was in as well...he's got a few things cookin'

Oren Masserman cut 10 tunes for his new Island Style record...

and Junior Siqueira cut 3 tunes for his new project...we mixed 2 of them...very nice stuff! You can catch them together as a live duo around Lahaina...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to Jamallad / A.K.A Lucien Kouassi, for his record "Global Citizen" which I recorded here in the studio last year....winning in the Hawaii Music Awards for the World Music category

Well, the 2008 year ended incredibly!!! I got to go out and mix the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band live for Shep Gordon's New Years Eve party, at Mala in Wailea. The band...Mick, Rick Vito, Mark Johnstone and Lenny Castellanos...smoked!!! Guest artists that sat in with the band were, Carlos Santana, Alice Cooper with his daughters, Dave Murray...lead guitar for Iron Maiden, Chad and Mike Kroeger of Nickelback, and Michael Bolton. Maui's own Eric Gilliom sat in with everybody playing acoustic guitar and singing background vocals. The show's MC was Tom Arnold and was the hottest party on Maui....also a benifit for the Maui Food Bank.....Rock On 2009!!!!!

Mick was back in again and played drums on an old friend's record, Billy Thore's "Tangeir" project. Billy passed away a while back, and his good friend/producer Amanda Pelman along with producer/engineer Daniel Denholm came up from Australia to capture Mick's contribution...very nice stuff.

Mick Fleetwood and Rick Vito were in a while ago, and we finished mixing a Live CD for The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band with guest engineer Dennis Mays, which was recorded live in St Louis. I also recorded Mick's drums and some bass on 4 cuts Rick had started some time ago, cutting his guitar parts back in Nashville. They will be included as a Bonus Tracks CD along with the Live CD, being released in Germany by Hypertension-Music....It's called "Blue Again" ...great stuff by some great cats!!!! And it's back to Mick's roots. Also on the live recording were Maui's own Mark Johnstone on keys and Lenny Castellanos on bass.

Had a relaxing day a while ago recording an audio book by Doreen Virtue for Hayhouse Radio...I sit in my chair, and she reads me a nice story that she wrote....hard to beat that!!!

Norton Buffalo was in a bit ago, and put a whole new vibe on a couple of tunes for a wonderful on-going jazz project with Sam Ahia and Steve Miller Band bassist, Billy Peterson.....This project is literally traveling around the world with Billy on tour, and stops in to many studios with the help of guys like Jim Ryberg (Mpls) and Leo Sidren (NY)...featuring guest appearances from Billy Corrothers, David Hazeltine, Bob Malach, Jim Rotunde'e and Peters Schimki. Ricky Peterson of course flew to Maui joining Billy and I for days of fun, while recording his tracks here. The tracks done else where then fly back to Maui, via cyber-space, and back into our tracks here in Lahaina....
the wild frontier!!!

In between music projects has been Wayne Dyer's new audio book on CD,
MTV voice overs, and a series of interview style documetries for the Maui Jazz Society with Gabe Baltizar, Jimmy Borges and others.

Mixing a new Greg Marsh project, that is rippin'....I originally recorded it as a trio with Bob Harrison just burnin' on upright bass, and that articulated thang that Bryan Cuomo puts his piano through so well, and of course Greg on the "koa" D-Dubs...he wrecked 'em. Then of course it only seemed right to bring in David Choy on tenor and Sam Ahia on nylon string acoustic for more cool why not include Kelly Covington and Eric Gilliom to finish it there's some singers! OK, we did...and they were all fabulous sessions....GREAT FUN!!!! Might be Greg's best so far...but then, all his records here have turned out really nice....or reeeeeeally nice, as Steve Gatchell might say.

The record I've been producing for Sam Ahia, along with my good friend and aloha brotha, Ricky Peterson, is turning out so good. Just a couple more vocals and guitars...then on to mixing....It is an awesome project, which also features Bruce McCabe, Bob Vandell, Billy Franzee, Mark Licktieg, Billy Peterson, Ricky and Sam'sstudio band. There are also several other surprise guest performers....I can't wait for you all to hear it.

Erin Smith's new project, with Ian Hollingworth on drums, is so hip...and it's mixing time. It features Ricky Peterson, Billy Peterson, Bob Harrison, Vince Esquire, Charlie Longhi, Clark Naberschnig, Paul Peterson and a few other guest artists.

Phyllis Riso is on her second rhythm section session with Sam Ahia playing electric and acoustic guitars, Bob Harrison on a variety of basses and veteran drummer extrordineir Michael Buono finessing my "koa" DW house's a Christian collection....a nice variety, and well on it's way to being quite a spiritual journey for it's listeners.

Some more projects in the early stages are Howard Ahia's acoustic CD, Kahala of Lawa doing a project we're going to keep secret for a while....incredibly powerful stuff, my brotha Brahdo...always cruzin'....Kahu David, introduced to me by good friend, pop artist Davo....and a couple Lahainaluna High School girls....twins...Hawaii and Samoa...that's right...could be future stars...I'll keep you updated on all these as they develope.

We will be working on some music videos for the new Erik Pietsch CD..."HARD LESSON".....that was my 4th project with Erik...he's touring on the mainland right now so check his website for info...

And of course we're anxiously waiting to see what Scotty "Crazy Fingers" Baird does with those smokin' rythm section tracks we recorded at my place.....beam yourself up, Scotty!!!

So as the list on my desk of future dates keeps growing, call me on my Maui cell...808-250-1214...or the studio line...808-667-7670 to talk about your next project....Mahalo

Here is a partial list of clients and some of the artists I have had the pleasure of working with, here on Maui....If I left you out....I'm so's my part-timmers...sorta like alshiemerz....
but I only have it part of the time !!!

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Mick Fleetwood
Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom
The Island Rumors Band
Keali'i Reichel
Ricky Peterson
Norton Buffalo
Oren Masserman
Doreen Virtue
Erin Smith
Billy Peterson
Greg Marsh
Wayne Dyer
Arts Entertainment Children's Group
Bruce Becvar
Lucien Kouassi a.k.a Jamallad 
The Maui Jazz Society
Clark Naberschnig
Farzad Azad
Ian Hollingsworth
David Lucas Burge/Perfect Pitch Ear Training
Barry Yap
Sam Ahia
Howard Ahia
Lisa Gratz
Cheryl Rae
Mark Hasselbrook
Scott Baird and Crazy Fingers

Willie Nelson
Pat Simmons and the Doobie Brothers
George Kahumoku
Rick Vito
Eric Gilliom
Junior Siqueira
Dennis Mays
Jazz Alley TV
Tom Hall
The Maui Visitors Bureau
Kate Moody
Leonardo Bella
the Surgeon General
Henry Allen
808 Nalu
Gail Swanson
Tad Bartamus
Wendy's International
Ringo & S'von
The Kaewalai Congregational Church in Makena
Stephen Haynes
Daina DePrez
Erik Pietsch
The Kaanapali Beach Hotel
Rudy Akino
Willie K 


Check back often,
because as my recording schedule changes, so does this list

Maui Recording
Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
(808) 250-1214 Cell