with Mick Fleetwood and Daniel Denholm on the late Billy Thorpe's Tangier Project

Lisa Flores & Norton Buffalo

My New KOA DWs...Only on Maui!!!

Come On Billy....just a little kiss....

up at Sam & Rini's for breakfast

Judy recording Jack Johnson at the MAC

Willie & Lucas Nelson at the MAC

Great Hat...

Charlie Longhi on Erin Smith's Record

The Crazy Fingers Crew....

Billy Peterson on Sam Ahia's "International Sessions"

Greg Marsh.....on his 1st Adventure

Big Drums

Fulton Tashombe & Steve Laury on Boy Houdy's Sessions

John Z

Lenny Castellanos in with Greg Marsh

with Ricky P and Howard Ahia



li amiamo Renato !!!

Doing the Tao with Wayne Dyer

Back in The "A" Room @ Creation Audio, in Minneapolis


Maui Recording

(808) 250-1214