Lynn Peterson, a musical entrepreneur, comes to Maui from Minneapolis, MN. He and his former partner/long time friend Steven Wiese, owned, operated and were the chief engineer/producers, of Creation Audio Recording, Inc. Being one of the more prominent recording studios in the Midwest, and maybe the longest running, (30 years) it's a multi-studio complex that has recorded countless records and CD projects, ranging from jingles to platinum hit records .... Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Steve Miller Band, Ricky Peterson, David Haas, Marty Haugen, Ben Sidren. Go Jazz, Donnie Osmond, St. Paul Peterson, David Z, Lori Line, Prince Of Peace Church...just to name a few) as well as a few TV, theatre and movie sound tracks.(Feeling Minnesota, Hoop Dreams, Nunsense, GIA Publications, Disney, Vietnam : Long Time Coming. Their reputation is first rate. Besides their musical contributions, they have served as participants in research and development, and as beta testers, for several major manufacturers such as Sony, Lexicon, Southern Thunder Sound, and the Alesis Corporation. Steve still operates that studio today.

In addition to his studio history, Lynn has mixed numerous live performances, ranging from intimate settings to large arena shows. (FOH and Monitor Engineer for STS, WE Fest, Minnesota State Fair Grandstand, David Haas, The Rupert's Orchestra, The Beach Boys, Motorola, Kodak, MCI, etc) He is also an accomplished singer and drummer, and you can probably find his work on a variety of projects through out most music stores. And for a change of pace, he has been an on site producer/audio engineer for at least a half a dozen industrial and music videos, for Grant Video, in St. Paul, MN and others.

Lynn also consults, designs, and supervises installations of major entertainment and restaurant complexes, including Rossi?s and The Blue Star Room in Minneapolis, MN and Texas South Beach in Galveston, TX.

Currently, residing on Maui, with a Pro Tools HD3 Accel rig, a great collection of mics, pre amps, eqs, compressors, monitors, etc, he and his talents are given the opportunity to provide a high quality of service to local musicians, other producers, audio for video post production, and national artists here on Maui.... with competitive rates. And due to the extreme flexibility of his system and expertise, he can provide custom services, virtually anywhere on the islands, or the mainland.

But beyond all that...he's just a nice guy!

Lynn Peterson

Maui Recording
Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

(808) 250-1214 Cell